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Tips To Search and Buy From Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is one of the best features on the Facebook social media platform where people buy and sell their products or services to other people. If you found any item which you like to buy or sell then you contact your respondents to negotiate about payment method or meeting. It is very difficult to buy many things from Facebook Marketplace because you could not see the other persons.

Facebook Marketplace is a wonderful place to buy things at a cheaper price than in stores, however, there are some things that you just should keep in mind.

How to Search Marketplace on Facebook

1) Narrow You’re Search

First, open your Facebook Marketplace page then you will be greeted with a screen showcasing a range of featured items available. Click on any items to go on to their listing. To check similar items that are appearing in listing you will click to See All next to its category name. There is a search bar at the top of the main Facebook Marketplace page, which you will use to find products and services in all categories. Click here to know more about Facebook accounts.

2). Join a Group

Group joining is the best way to up to date on new listings in your area by sellers. When you click on groups in the top-left menu of the Facebook Marketplace website, it appears a list of Facebook groups dedicated to buying and selling items.

3). Do a detailed Facebook Marketplace search

There are options for Price and Location on the left side of the window. Enter your custom preferences into these fields to automatically filter the showcased listings to match. The price is in green text to the right of the main image of that particular product or service. Seller’s location will also be important for the buyer because if both parties are in the same area then your deal will become easier. Also, there will be an option of categories, click any of the links under this header to see different categories and sub-categories. For example, if you click the Electronics category then it will load a variety of related listings to the right of the menu and reveal the Mobile Phones and electronics & Computers sub-categories on the left menu. Now you will be at that place where you can buy your favorites from Facebook Marketplace.

So, here some important tips for buying your favorites.

Facebook Marketplace Buying Tips

1). Check the Seller’s reputation

Buyers will rate their experiences with sellers, and these ratings show under their names in future product listings. Some sellers create their ratings private and that will make you a little doubtful.

2). Seller’s Facebook account’s age

There is also showing the ages of the seller under their accounts when they joined Facebook. If their account is less than a year old, previous ones may have been shut down due to doubtful behavior. If a seller has zero ratings, they are probably new to Facebook Marketplace. You will need to take care of buying from sellers with no reputation as they may be a cheater.

3). Never send the payment first

Make sure after received items then pay payments to the seller and try to meet the seller in public places because Facebook Marketplace sellers are normally strangers. It is necessary to meet them in a public place when receiving the item and making payment. If you are going to buy any larger items than try to go with friends or other family members. But if you pay them after inspecting the product.

These are the best tips and tricks to follow while searching and buying from Facebook Marketplace.

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