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Laptop Buying Guide for Beginners

Laptop Buying Guide: Deciding which laptop to buy can be confusing and confusion leads to bad decisions, which is not good. That’s why we are here and today in this article I will help you decide which laptop you should buy. And what are the hardware specs that you must look into a laptop or consider before buying a laptop? You will get to know all about the Best Laptops in India.

So let’s just quickly get started with Laptop Buying Guide. Now choosing the best laptop totally depends upon your personal preference of the operating system and your usage. You can decide this by answering a few simple questions like:

  • Do you want to play games on your laptop?
  • Are you a developer or working on coding?
  • Do you need a laptop for video editing?

Now once you decide the purpose of buying a laptop, count on your budget. Let’s find out what are the hardware specs that you should look for and which operating system you must choose. Is it a window, is it Linux or the Mac OS?

Now under the Laptop Buying Guide, the thing is if you are familiar with a certain operating system for example Windows or Mac OS, you should go for a laptop that is powered by the same operating system.

So for instance, if you are using Windows and you are quite familiar with Windows I would say go for a Windows laptop. But if you want to switch to Mac OS or if you are a Mac OS user and you want to switch to Windows you can easily do that. It’s not a big deal today as most of the apps which are available on one platform are also available on the other one. Or at least have some other alternative which works similarly or even better moreover.  

You can always install the Linux along with the windows and even the Mac OS on your Windows laptop vice versa you can also install Windows on your Mac OS using the Bootcamp. But if you try to do these hacks you might lose your warranty. So this is the main point in this Laptop buying Guide for beginners.

So now let’s discuss the hardware which hardware you should look for on your laptop.

Laptop Buying Guide

Best Laptops in India, Laptop Buying Guide

The Processor:

So first is the processor. The processor is the brain of the computer and this is the one thing that you must consider while buying a laptop. Considering these steps can make you a pro in selecting the best laptops in India. Now most users are not aware of the processor generation sometimes that’s why we are providing you tips in this Laptop Buying Guide. So they just see that the laptop has an i-processor the marketing guy says it has quad-core and all people end up buying a whole new generation laptop.

Just consider the generation of the processor today the market is full of eighth-generation laptops and soon ninth-generation processor-powered laptop will be coming into the market.  Now the eighth generation is much efficient than their predecessors and they are now quad-core as compared to the previous generations which were dual-core.

If you are buying a new laptop and you have a decent budget look for eight or the nine generation processor.


Now the next thing is ports. Ports are very important and I will say that you should look for at least an SD card slot that MacBooks are deprived of. But Windows laptops are still coming with the SD card slot and also the USB type C. Ports plays an important role in selecting the best laptops in India.

Now, most of the companies are doing is they are marketing their laptops by saying they have type C port their laptops. But they mostly have a generation which is equivalent to the USB speed. So you won’t be seeing any difference there in the speeds only the interfaces change and for that, you need to buy a new cable also. So there’s an investment but there’s no performance increment.

If you are fascinated with type c ports and I think you should go for type C.  In the Laptops buying Guide you should never miss this point.

There are laptops that will be coming just look that they have generation type C port. At least that will give you around Gbps of speed which is almost double than the USB or the USB type c generation.

  • Now if I talk about MacBooks, there isn’t any other port type of port and ER than the C. Now the type C port which comes in the MacBook are tender bolt ports that support a speed of up to Gbps.
  • So you can virtually connect any external GPU to Macbook also to increase its graphic performance.

Laptop Buying Guide Graphics Card Tips:

Graphics card:

Now the next thing is the graphics card. A graphics Card of any laptop can make that laptop the best laptop in India. A graphics card is an important thing in any laptop buying Guide. If you are going to buy a laptop for the rendering processes and video editing, look for the best graphics card on your laptop. But if you want a laptop for the gaming I would suggest looking for at least Nvidia graphics card, because this kind of underperforming and the new games which are coming are kinds of struggle with the Ti on laptops.

Just compare the GPU before buying the laptop. If you are getting a seventh-generation power laptop with or at a much cheaper price go for it.

Laptop Buying Guide Display Factor:


Now the next thing which comes is the display look for a display which is at least IPS. Don’t go below that. Now if you are looking for a budget gaming laptop you may have to compromise for the display. But now I have seen that even the budget gaming laptops are coming with the IPS display. There is a lot of importance of the Display in the Laptop Buying guide.

But that’s not possible if you are buying a generation online generation powered laptop. You may have to from eyes for the display but I would say do not compromise with the display that’s the part with which you’ll be interacting most.

  • In fact, that’s the only part that you will be interacting with. So I would say take care of your eyes, don’t stress them.
  • Already we people are into mobile phones and all and watching these screens day and night. So just cater IPS display or you can get MacBook which comes with Retina display, they have amazing display and this should matter.
  • If you are into video editing or graphic designing the colors metals the most so just look for the IPS panel at least.

TouchScreen Laptops?

People are fascinated by touchscreen laptops. I would highly recommend not to go with a touchscreen laptop. you, first of all, you pay extra for the touchscreen that doesn’t work that well and after like first month you won’t be using that. And after a few months, you won’t be using it at all also because the touchscreen laptops are very reflective. So you won’t be able to see the screen when you are into like title areas even if you are in your room and lights are on you will see the reflections.

Just get a normal laptop if you are buying Windows. I’m saying this because I had a very bad experience with a touchscreen laptop.

I heard a touchscreen laptop before buying the Dell that was from Lenovo. I was very fascinated by that screen laptops at that time cause the window was just released at that time and I wanted to use the touchscreen interface that was very new. But I never used it after one month and I think most of the people will not be using it because it’s not practical. So moving on to the next thing RAM.


RAM is very important today because we have access to DVR for ramps which starts at only megahertz. And these are available for like p on three thousand megawatts. But for the laptops, it’s available from to six megahertz. So if you are buying a laptop also consider the RAM generation.

But mostly if you are going for a seventh eighth or ninth edition laptop you will be getting a DDR ram but you should look for what s the frequency of the RAM. And also very important if you can upgrade the RAM in the future just find out discuss with the customer care or the executive or anyone of find out on the forums and support channels.

Considering RAM in the Laptop Buying Guide is as important as oxygen to human beings. So after reading these points you will be able to select the best laptops for you. If you are a student, you will easily choose the best laptops for students in India.

So, these all are the most important factors to consider while buying the best laptop in India. That’s why we are mentioning these points in our Laptop Buying Guide. This Laptop Buying Guide will help you to find Best Laptops in India under various ranges. So, Follow this Laptop Buying Guide and Become a Pro in selecting Best Laptops for you.

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    Look for an accurate touchpad that doesn’t give you a jumpy cursor and responds consistently to multitouch gestures such as pinch-to-zoom. If you’re buying a business laptop, consider getting one with a pointing stick (aka nub) between the G and H keys so you can navigate around the desktop without lifting your fingers off the keyboard’s home row. Notebook components such as processor, hard drive, RAM and graphics chip can confuse even notebook aficionados, so don’t feel bad if spec sheets look like alphabet soup to you.

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